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Bleed-Off is a First-Person Survival Horror title where the player stars in a fictional vhs horror movie set on an ominous oil rig.

After surviving a dangerous ship wreck in the Arctic Ocean, you find refuge on what appears to be a recently abandoned off shore drilling platform. Like any good horror film, you're not alone.

You'll need to navigate through the various parts of the rig in an attempt to reach the radio tower to call for rescue. At the same time you'll be dealing with a life threatening wound suffered prior to the start of the game. This wound requires the player to constantly compress it to prevent the loss of blood. Letting go of the wound will allow you to use both your hands, but you will lose blood more quickly as a result.

Made by 6 VFS Game Design students over a three month development cycle.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorsTrashCastle, daffodil
Tags80s, Atmospheric, Cult Classic, Dark, Gore, Horror, Survival Horror, vhs

Install instructions


******************* System Requirements *******************

Operating System: Windows® 7 or later; System Type: 64bit operating system recommended Processor: Intel i3 or higher Memory: 3GB RAM minimum (4GB recommended) Hard Disk Space: 1.8 GB free Video: Graphics card with DirectX 11.1 level capabilities or better with at least 2GB of memory Sound: Windows® compatible sound card

Controller / Game Pad recommended




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Whenever I click on download it just says thanks for downloading but it doesn't actually download.

I love timed games, and having to manage your blood loss levels to slow that timer down is awesome. Great game